"Specializing in personal computer repairs and maintenance"


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Complete services from emergency repairs to preventative maintenance!

We are proud to always provide clear and simple explanations to your computer questions.

Often you need it fixed NOW. So same day service is our goal.

We primarily work on Windows Based comptuers - but do offer software help with mac computers.

We do not service cell phones, replace screens in tablets/ ipads.

For service details click the links below.

Regular maintenance can restore your computers performance. We service all makes and models of desktop and laptops.

We work with you to solve your software and hardware issues. Using full system diagnostices we can replace parts only when needed. Case cleaning and dust removal is always complimentary.

Virus' and spyware can cause poor computer performance.
We will clean up the infections and define preventative measures to avoid infections in the future.

We replace hard drives with data preservation in mind. Customizing your new desktop environment to meet your personal needs. Data transfer to new hard drive always included free of charge with hard drive purchase.

Replacement of a broken laptop screen or malfunctioning keyboard is most often a very cost effective repair. Bring your laptop back to life!

We can order your laptop a new battery or power supply!

We can help you recover your lost passwords, and help you with all problems related to your email.

We can retrieve your data from your old computer and transfert it into your new one. We will work with you to create a data backup plan. Data transfer is free with the purchase of a new hard drive. Backup of data without purchase starting at $20.00.

We charge a flat rate for reinstalls of operating systems. Refreshing your software back to factory defaults .

Memory ( Ram ) upgrades can give your computer a needed boost. Hard drive upgrades give you that extra needed storage.

Please call for an estimate. Estimates are always free

Reinstall of os ( Including data transfer) - $80
Most virus / spyware removals : $40 - $80
Data transfer to new computer (without part purchase): starting at $40
Online tech support : $40 per hour

Onsite service: $80 min, $40 per hour

All prices subject to HST- Please call for details as prices are subject to change.